Hi, I’m a web developer and journalist

I link content to codes for more friendly applications. Currently based in Santos, Brazil.

Na Tokyo Skytree

Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Santa Cecília University, with a specialization degree from Cásper Líbero College. Currently studying Internet Systems course at São Paulo State Technological College, higher education institution maintained by the São Paulo State Government.

As a journalist, I have a large experience producing and editing text, pictures and videos for Internet. As web developer, I participated in some projects as a webdesigner and also as developer for WordPress-based websites.

CyberOps Associate course badge, from Cisco Networking Academy

Technology + Information

I’m currently working as a freelancer quality rater for Lionbridge Technologies. Previously, I was part of the first team of journalists to work on the local page of the news website G1, from Globo TV network, in Santos.

Some of my published works include the chapter “Social TV and Second Screen: Changes in Consumption of Contents Generated in Broadcast Environments”, on the book “Comunicação em Cena – Volume 1” (Scortecci Publishing, 2012), and the 40th anniversary book of the charity institution Santos Kosei Home.

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Japanese Culture

In 2017, I participated in the “Program for Deepening Understanding of Japan”, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, for leaders that promote the Japanese culture in Latin America. Also, I was a volunteer at Santos Japanese Association, institution that promotes the Japanese culture and language, for more than a decade.

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Meditating in a Zen Buddhist temple in Japan


Brazilian Association of Former Fellows from Gaimusho

WordPress-based website, containing a database with former fellows biographies.

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Quote of the Day

Experimental app using Flutter, for Android (Material Design) and iOS (Human Interface Guidelines).

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Experimental API using Java, aggregating cost of living information in cities using collaborative data.

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Bitcoin Exchange Rate

Academic application using Angular, showing in real time the Bitcoin exchange rate, and the list of my repositories on GitHub.

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